Eben Freeman

Hi there! I'm an experienced generalist software engineer. I've mostly worked in early-stage startups, building developer services on cloud infrastructure. I'm especially interested in software observability: in tools that help humans first understand complex systems, and then make them better.

Currently, I work as an engineer at Honeycomb.

I also really like climbing rocks and baking pies.

Talk Material

Queueing Theory, In Practice: Performance Modelling for the Working Engineer

Queueing theory is super boring, right? Wrong! In this talk, we showed how results like the Pollaczek-Khinchine formula and the Universal Scalability Law are actually useful, tractable principles that can help us better design, benchmark, and operate the software we're responsible for.

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Runtime Scheduling: Theory And Reality

The internals of operating system and language runtime schedulers are normally opaque to user programs, but can still affect their performance. In this talk at Strange Loop 2016, we unpacked the implementation of the Linux kernel's scheduler, as well as the language runtime schedulers in Go and Erlang. We explored methods for scheduler observability, and discussed some of the performance tradeoffs that scheduler implementations make.

abstract | slides | video

Python Tracing Superpowers With Systems Tools

Tools like perf and SystemTap aren't just useful for Linux kernel developers. In this talk at PyBay 2016, we explored some of the problems you can tackle with systems tools, including advanced mixed-mode profiling, memory leak hunting, and call tree generation for better program understanding.

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